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Pulpt Cider - Branding

The challenger brand creating a cult following

The story behind Pulpt

Working together in the corporate world, Al and Jim hatched a plan over lunch to escape the rat race and follow their cider-fuelled dreams. With the craft beer revolution already well underway, they made it their business to bring real cider back to the forefront of the beverage industry. And with that, Pulpt was born – a pioneering independent craft cider company, pulping and pressing their apples from selected Somerset Orchards.


  • Creation of brand, identity, and strategy – including product naming
  • Create a communication platform which connects with the brand as well as resonates with its audience
  • Stand out in a crowded market place and encourage consumers to engage with the product

What we did

This was a classic start-from-scratch piece. We worked with the co-founders of Pulpt, challenging their ideas and perceptions of the market and how their brand would sit within it. By undertaking research into the market – and really understanding the individuality of the Pulpt proposition – we were able to develop a creative concept which complemented the personality of the brand and its aspirations.


We always ensure our creative thinking is underpinned by evidence. Taking time to step back and compare our creative with those currently on the market helped us develop a unique product identifier. The approach to Pulpt’s drink was one of precision and measurement, to reflect this we created flavour wheels which would detail to consumers the exact breakdown of flavours in each variety.


The creative has been met by a tremendous amount of positivity, and the brand has enabled Jim and Al (relative newbies to cidermaking) to position themselves as formidable challengers, start important conversations and build their reputation in the cider industry.

In October 2018 they were invited to speak on BBC Radio 4 to discuss their experiences, and Gabe Cook (aka The Ciderologist) has highlighted the brand as one to watch.

Pulpt is right on the cutting edge of cider in the UK. These are modern ciders for modern, curious drinkers. You get all of the character and intensity of flavours, but crucially there is an honesty and level of engagement and education that is at the forefront of this category.

Gabe Cook, Ciderologist

We have established a strong and enduring relationship based on trust and confidence where Workbrands fully understand what we are about and where we are headed. Feedback has been consistently positive, with our consumers finding the branding a particular draw. This is through an unrelenting and exceptional level of customer service, always going the extra mile and adding value at every opportunity.

Jim Wakefield & Al Collar, Co-Founders, Pulpt Cider

The branding is brilliant – really caught our eye. It’s clean, with cut through and style, akin to craft beer labelling that we would like to see more of. Too many producers resort to terrible fonts, caricatures of farmers and farm animals etc, it’s all rather boring and tedious on the eye.

Dan Heath, The Ciderbox

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