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Wildlife photographer of the week

As we succumb to the fact we’re well and truly on our way to winter, one thing that always cheers us up is the return of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at Bristol’s M Shed.

Unfortunately, we missed the deadline to submit our snaps, so we decided to hold our own special edition of #tightbriefs, implementing a touch of artistic licence in order to bend the rules ever so slightly… just this once.

Where we usually have a mere two hours to complete the task in question, wild animals don’t tend to materialise exactly when you want them to. So, to avoid a plethora of pigeon pics, we made this challenge a retrospective one. We were asked to submit a wildlife photo from our own personal archives, with just one proviso: it must have been taken with a humble mobile phone (go home, DSLRs).

The entries cover an impressive selection of beasts, each brilliantly captured on our dog and bones. But, you know the drill by now – it’s not about the taking part.

So without further ado, the winner of the Workbrands Wildlife Photographer of the Week is…

Bobby! With his shot of a stag taken in bonnie Scotland.

If you’re keen to catch the exhibition down at the M Shed, there’s no need to rush – it’s on until early April 2018 so you can take your sweet, sweet time.