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Pie in the sky

This delectable edition of #tightbriefs is all in the name of British Pie Week! The task? To design a beautiful pie box in just 3.14159265* hours; other than that, anything goes.


As a Brizzle-based agency we’re big fans of Pieminister, so we’d have been missing a trick if we didn’t ask Jon and Tristan (co-founders and pie-oneers) to guest judge this one. Thankfully they didn’t pie us, and the designers set out to impress.

We had special mentions from the judges for Bobby’s moustachioed meat-feast, the ‘Magnum, p.i.’, and Tom’s ‘Don’t have a cow’ veggie pie for its innovative brand name. But the undisputed winner this week was Darren with his brilliant ‘No porkies… just honest pies’ masterpiece.

Unanimous verdict – we especially liked the simplicity and reference to ‘pulled carrot’.

Jon & Tristan, Co-founders, Pieminister