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Googly eyes

Is there anything more amusing than sticking a set of googly eyes on an inanimate object to make it appear alive? The answer, my friend, is no.

“Eyebombing” (as it’s known on the scene) aims to humanise the world around us and put a smile on the faces of passers-by. It’s so simple in its execution, yet hilariously effective.

As you may have guessed, for this week’s #tightbrief we grabbed our googlies, took to the streets and got sticking. The entries came in thick and fast for this one, and we had a lot of fun deliberating over a winner.

But whilst we all had our eyes on the prize, only one person could be crowned the victor… Well done Rach! That eggy number definitely landed sunny side up. What a perfectly runny yolk too.

That’s it for this ocular edition of #tightbriefs, hopefully we’ve inspired you to go forth and eyebomb. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for your contribution to the cause.