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Election perfection

With election fever at its peak this week, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the BBC poll tracker to see how the parties have been performing in the public domain. Whilst it’s clearly a useful tool, we couldn’t help thinking it could benefit from a design makeover (no disrespect, BBC).


Unsurprisingly, many of our delightful designers chose to approach the task with a dash of creative licence and a generous dollop of humour. And if there’s one thing we don’t see enough of in politics, it’s the poop emoji.

But there could be only one winning party (no coalitions here, thank you), and the results are in: please be upstanding for… Tom! His take on the race between Wile E. Cyote and the Road Runner managed to pip the competition to the post. Meep meep.

So, there we have it. We’ll have to wait until the early hours of the morning to find out who won the actual election. If you haven’t already skipped down to your local polling station and popped a cross in your box of choice, make sure you do – there’s still time.