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November, 2017

Welcome to Workbrands, Lewis

Last week, there was a warm welcome for Lewis who joined the Workbrands team as an intern. During his time with us, he’ll be exploring all things creative, from bespoke illustration, getting hands-on experience with layout design, expanding his already impressive animation skills, and throwing ideas into the mix for our various self-promo campaigns.

In true Workbrands fashion, we’ve interviewed him to get a bit of early insight into what makes him tick. So, sit back, relax, and find out whether Lewis prefers bats or hogs…

How old are you?

Where’s home?
Home literally just changed to Patchway. Last week, it was Lyde Green – both in Bristol.

What does the ‘m’ stand for in E=mc2? No cheating.
Mass! Easy. (Kidding. I didn’t know this until I overheard it a minute ago.) Instinct told me, for some reason, it meant multiple… I failed in science; can you tell?

Ever travelled? Plans to?
I’ve been to a fair few countries but only for standard holidays, not actually travelling. It’s definitely on the ‘maybe one day’ list – a few of my friends have travelled and their stories make me way more intrigued.

Without searching, who painted ‘The Scream’?
I’m so bad with artist questions. I know I’m wrong, but was it Da Vinci? This is literally the only artist I can think of right now. (Edvard Munch, for people playing at home.)

Type out your best impression of the yak’s mating call.
[Lewis decided to skip this question. I can’t understand why.]

Death row meal?
If they allowed it, I’d want at least 60 chicken nuggets (from McDonald’s, obviously) with 6 large fries (must be well cooked) and an endless supply of ketchup sachets. Oh, and a couple of pints of Sprite.

Desert island disc?
Tough one. Either Pond’s The Weather or Glass Animals’ How to be a Human Being… probably the latter.

Worst film you’ve ever seen?
This is also tough because I’ve seen a lot of awful films but never remember their names! It has to be one with Adam Sandler. Jack & Jill? That was pretty abysmal.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
It’s dark, I know, but I’d take the power to make people think they’re seeing whatever I want them to. I’ve only wanted this since watching Stranger Things 2.

Tea or coffee?
Tea (wish I liked coffee though).

Dogs or cats?
Easily dogs.

Hogs or bats?
Bats because I respect them way more.

Late entry question: “Lewis, why do you ‘respect bats’, mate?”
‘Cause they hang upside down and stuff.

Plymouth University. Graphic Communication with Typography.

Okay, on to the more serious stuff. What does the image you’ve designed up top represent?
I wanted to illustrate some of Bristol’s landmarks / iconic things because I’ve only really just moved to Bristol. It’s all very new to me still, so I thought this was one way of getting to know the place a bit better.

What do you think internships can offer people?
Internships give you a taste of what it’s like to work in the ‘real world’. They’re also great for following briefs from start to finish, sticking to deadlines, and generally getting to see how a studio works. 

How’s your time been at Workbrands so far?
I’m loving it so far. It’s so good to be surrounded by a mix of laughter, hard work and a great bunch of people. I also really appreciate how much I’ve been included; it feels like I’m part of the team, rather than just an intern.

What do you hope you’ll pick up and take away from your time here? (Don’t say ‘boxes of pens’ or ‘a monitor’.)
More general knowledge of working in the field, and branding as a whole. Mostly, though, as I said before, a taste for working in the real world.