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February, 2021

Welcome to Workbrands, Jess

The end of our 2020 was substantially brightened when the wonderful Jess joined our team as a designer. In keeping with our time-honoured tradition of the ‘welcome to Workbrands’ interview we fired over some very serious questions…

How old are you?

Where’s home?
Originally, the literal middle of nowhere in North Devon. We lived near a little fishing village called Clovelly which a lot of people seem to know about… It’s claim to fame: the most ‘instagrammable’ village in the UK! Nowadays, I’m living in Bath.

Do you have any pets?
Yeah, I currently have 2 dumbo rats called Kimmy and Kathy. I’m still waiting for them to help me cook like a Michelin star chef though..

Ever travelled? Plans to?
I’ve not done the proper travelling thing, but I lived abroad. I studied in Chicago during my 2nd year – I’d like to go back one day and properly travel the states. I also set myself a task to do an expedition every year, which involves some travelling. Last year I’d planned to go ‘bothy bagging’ around Scotland, but of course that didn’t happen… maybe this year?

Something you learned in the last week?
Bleaching hair at home isn’t as easy as I thought… yellow hair is not cool.

Death row meal?
Probably some Mexican food with all the trimmings (do they say that in Mexico?), salsa, nachos, guac, etc. With a tequila of course.

Desert island disc?
One song/album is an impossible task, so I’m pretending it’s a mixtape. It must include: Fugazi – Turnover, Slowdive – Alison, Mild High Club – Skiptracing, My Bloody Valentine – When You Sleep and Radiohead – Reckoner.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
The ability to control time. There used to be a TV show I watched when I was little called Bernard’s Watch, it was about a kid who could stop time with a click of his magical stopwatch, I was so jealous of him.

Tea or coffee?
Coffee, but it has to be black. I hate tea.

Dogs or cats?
I love both but I’m allergic to cats, so dogs if I had to pick.

Hogs or bats?
Bats, basically flying rats aren’t they?

Graphic Communication at Bath Spa University (and Columbia College Chicago).

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