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September, 2018

Welcome to Workbrands, Jenny

We’re delighted to welcome our latest addition, Jenny Parker, to the Workbrands family. She’s lovely, sassy, has travelled through central and South America and enjoys versatility netball (feel free to ask her what that actually is). Carrying on with our Workbrandinos tradition, we fired some questions over to Jenny so you can get to know her a little better…

Where are you from originally?
I’m from a town in the North of Biiiiirrrrmmiingum – Sutton Coldfield.

What did you study at university?
Marketing, and the fine art of boozing. Of course.

Favourite meal?
Impossible one to answer. I LOVE FOOD! But you can’t beat a good chilli (with all the trimmings… guacamole, sour cream, rice, nachos and salsa). Sometimes the simple ones are the best.

Favourite holiday destination?
Has to be Rock in Cornwall I think. Lots of happy family memories there and like a second home to me.

Tea or coffee?
Tea in the week, coffee at weekends.

Favourite type of biscuit?
I’m a sucker for a shortbread. And they remind me of my Gran, ahh.

Dogs or cats?
Hands down, dogs. Cats just don’t like me… probably too needy.

Who/what inspires you?
I’d say my sister. Possibly the most positive person I know, and a great role model for appreciating the important things in life.

Favourite song of all time?
This Must be the Place, Talking Heads. Great old tune that one.

Any hidden talents?
I’m afraid I’m no secret Picasso or anything. But I can do ‘the worm’, and I have a certain dance move named after me. I’m going to regret divulging this, I can tell.

Any bad habits?
Chewing my pen lid. I’ve been known to go through several in one day. Terrible habit!

If you were stranded alone on a desert island, what three things would you take with you?
I’ve never been asked this question before. But the answer is surely a boat and two oars, right?! (Yawn, sorry!)  

If you could have one superpower what would it be?
Teleportation. Without doubt. I could have a quick nip to the Caribbean on my lunch break.