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December, 2019

Welcome to Workbrands, Jasmine

We’re over the moon to welcome Jasmine (better known as Jaz) to the Workbrands team as our new Marketing Executive!

In keeping with our time-honoured tradition of the ‘welcome to Workbrands’ interview we fired over some very serious questions…

How old are you?

25 and ¾

Where’s home?

The tiny town of Modbury in South Devon, well known for its annual May Fair.

What does the ‘m’ stand for in E=mc2? No cheating.


Ever travelled? Plans to?

Does living in Wales count?

Without searching, who painted ‘The Scream’?

Van Gogh…?

Type out your best impression of the yak’s mating call.

NNNNnnyaaaaguuurrghh (I’ve never heard a Yak on the pull can you tell?)

Death row meal?

An almost impossible decision but I’d probably go for Tikka Masala, peshwari naan, pilau rice…with saag paneer, poppadoms and mango chutney. Followed by a baked cheesecake… With a large frosty margarita to drink.

Desert island disc?

Madonna – Like a Prayer

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

Being able to talk to animals, just so I could hopefully finally explain to dogs how great they are.

Tea or coffee?

Tea. With milk please.

Dogs or cats?

Dogs. Two please.

Hogs or bats?

Probably hogs? Ten please.


I studied English Literature at Cardiff University. Cymru am byth!

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