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June, 2017

The Great Keetchen Challenge

When it comes to cooking, the undisputed queen of the Workbrands kitchen is our pint-sized account director, Miss Wei Wei Kee. 

An avid lover of Masterchef, but reluctant to apply (and potentially risk having her puds eyeballed by Gregg Wallace), Wei recently came up with “The Great Keetchen Challenge”. With similar rules to the Masterchef mystery box, Wei’s other half (and beloved Sherpa) is tasked with buying a mystery key ingredient each week, then it’s over to Chef Kee to whip up a show-stopping main course pour deux.   

Hungry? We grilled our resident gourmet to find out what gets her tummy rumbling…

What’s your all-time favourite cuisine?
Singaporean/Southeast Asian – you can take a girl out of the equator…

Haute cuisine or street food?
Street food.

What (food) can you not live without?

Best dish of the challenge so far?
I think probably the latest one, a lamb cutlet dish – it turned out to be a really harmonious plate of food (plus my first go at fondant potatoes was a success)! 

Recipes or freestyle?
I don’t tend to follow recipes. I trawl through loads of cookbooks and the interweb to get inspired, think about what flavours work well together, research the best way to prepare the component elements and then assemble the final dish, which is part of the fun.

What made you start #thegreatkeetchenchallenge?
Being surrounded by creatives all day, I felt it was time I challenged myself – so I picked something that I knew would get me excited, and I get to eat the results!

What’s your food mantra?
Cook what you love eating.

Check out #thegreatkeetchenchallenge on Instagram or follow @mykeetchen to keep track of Wei’s creations (try not to drool too much).