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Newspaper front page with 'The Good News #36' written on it, on a blue background
December, 2020

The Good News #36

So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun. Christmas parties are on Zoom now but there’s still good news for everyone… Keep scrolling to read our favourite recent creative and tech news stories.

Science creates

The Science Creates hub, formed in partnership with the University of Bristol, will be located in the heart of our favourite city. Backed by a range of entrepreneurs the hub’s objective is to help scientists and engineers accelerate their ideas and build disruptive businesses from scientific discoveries.

The project hopes to establish our humble home of Bristol as a global centre for deep tech through the ‘Science Creates Ecosystem’ which will be comprised of the Science Creates Incubators, the Science Creates Ventures and the Science Creates Network.

The Science Creates Incubators will involve two Units – Unit DX houses 37 scientific and engineering companies working on health tech, the environment and quality of life. The opening of a second incubator, Unit DY, close to Bristol Temple Meads train station, will mean it can support 100 companies and an estimated 450 jobs. The Science Creates’ physical footprint across the two units will reach 45,000 sq ft.

Science Creates Ventures is a £15 million EIS venture capital fund, backed by the Bristol-based entrepreneurs behind some of the South West’s biggest deep tech exits.

The Science Creates Network will be made up of strategic partners, mentors and advisors tailored to the needs of science and engineering start-ups.

We’re delighted to see another exciting project that will further support the talents of Bristol’s tech and innovation entrepreneurs.

Group of people stood in a large empty room - all members of the Science Creates Network

Banksy strikes again

It wouldn’t be the Bristol we know and love without the street art that adorns its walls. Last week, famed street artist Banksy once again added to his works in the South West.

The stencil piece appeared on the side of a house on Thursday morning, at the bottom of Vale Street in Totterdown, which you might already know as England’s steepest residential street. Titled Aachoo!! it shows a woman sneezing.

After it was discovered, Aachoo!! was swiftly covered in protective Perspex, given that earlier this year a Banksy piece of a young girl with a sling shot in Barton Hill was tagged with pink spray paint less than 24 hours after it appeared on Valentine’s Day.

The anonymous artist uses his official Instagram and website to authenticate his works. Happy days for the owners of the property Aachoo!! has appeared on, given that research by the Affordable Art Fair found that homeowners are willing to pay an extra £8,549 for a house in an area with colourful street art. Although they might notice a dramatic increase in the number of Instagrammers outside their home…

Photo of the Banksy piece 'Aachoo!!' on a house on Vale Street in Totterdown, Bristol

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