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May, 2020

Our work with Nutanix CXO Focus Masterclass

In the current climate, businesses have had to adapt to survive. Increasingly, we’re seeing businesses across all sectors take their events from the conference room to the internet. Fortunately, we’re no stranger to the online world and no, we’re not talking about MSN Messenger.

Our client, cloud software company Nutanix came to us for support providing its CXO Focus Masterclass events at a time when physical events are not an option. After considering a variety of choices we agreed that an on-demand virtual masterclass would be the best fit as it would enable Nutanix to take advantage of a Learning Management System it already has in place, Nutanix University. Participants are able to complete the Virtual Masterclass at their own pace, taking the individual course modules when the timing works best for them, the perfect approach for the new working style we’ve all had to adopt.

Nutanix CXO Focus Masterclass attendees will receive a Certification of Completion from CTM. They also benefit from post-Masterclass access to CTM’s papers and research.

Our designers got to work adapting the Nutanix University Learning Management System to suit the format for the first Virtual Masterclass. Led by Dr Art Langer of Columbia University Centre for Technology Management, the Digital Disruption Masterclass is aimed at CIOs, CTOs, CEOs and other Executives who are looking to take their organisation, and their career to the next level.

Given the current pandemic, shooting new content was simply not an avenue available to us. So instead, we adapted existing footage of the first event that was captured in Singapore in 2019 and overlaid graphics from Dr Langer’s presentation slides as well as additional graphics to emphasise specific points. For the second module, we only had audio recordings, so the design team had to find a way to make it as engaging as possible in the absence of footage on Dr Langer and his dynamic presentation style.

We’re painfully aware that at the moment inboxes are flooded with emails, so it’s imperative that the Nutanix CXO Masterclass invite stood out from the crowd. It’s also important that the brand practiced what it preached; if executives were to trust Nutanix’s authority on digital disruption then its digital content needed to be up to scratch. Our designers created a stunning email invite, that highlighted the key takeaways from the Masterclass course.

Both modules are now live, and we’ve began work on the second Virtual Masterclass topic: Authentic Leadership, led by Mike Robbins. This half-day Masterclass workshop is based on Mike Robbins’ two decades of research and experience working with top leaders and teams, as well as the principles of his four books. For this instance, we changed our approach and were able to ask Mike to record the series at home. We’ll be splicing the video of Mike with graphics and slides to create a sense of continuity with the Digital Disruption Masterclass.

We’ve worked with Nutanix for five years on a huge range of exciting visual campaigns, you can view some of them here.