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Variety of small screens featuring stills from the Nutanix CXO Focus Masterclass virtual events
August, 2020

Our continued work with Nutanix CXO Focus Masterclass

It might be the understatement of the century, but we’ve found that the COVID-19 pandemic has led us, and our clients, to drastically change our way of working. Fortunately, our amazing team are adept at rolling with the punches, trying out new ideas and creating incredible content.

Earlier this year, we helped our client, cloud software company Nutanix, to find a way of delivering its CXO Focus Masterclass events at a time when hosting physical events is not an option. We worked with them to develop an on-demand Virtual Masterclass, taking advantage of a Learning Management System it already has in place, Nutanix University.

Even before the first Virtual Masterclass, Digital Disruption, was launched, our crack team of talented creatives had already started work on adapting the second Masterclass to work within an on-demand platform. Introducing…Authentic Leadership!

Authentic Leadership, the second in the series of Nutanix CXO Virtual Masterclass events is led by author, thought leader and speaker Mike Robbins.  Robbins has five books and over two decades of experience under his belt delivering keynotes and seminars, coaching all manner of groups across the world to become better leaders through the power of authenticity.

This year has dealt us an unusual hand when it comes to creating content. Fortunately, we were able to organise with Mike to create home recordings of his modules based on the overview and list of topics he would cover in his Masterclass.

Our main concern was getting the highest quality footage as possible, while ensuring that the recordings maintained the same look and feel as the previous Masterclasses. We used a similar graphic style for both the Digital Disruption and Authentic Leadership Masterclasses, in order to create a sense of a unified suite of virtual classes.

Mike split his video recording into smaller modules of no more than 15 minutes each, that our design team then edited, pulling out points and images where necessary to highlight key takeaways for viewers.

We’ll be continuing our work with Nutanix on its CXO Virtual Masterclasses and we’re looking forward to finding new and innovative ways of creating and presenting each of the upcoming series in a digestible and engaging way.

You can read about more of the work we’ve done for Nutanix here.