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June, 2019

Going for gold at the International Cider Challenge

Pulpt has only gone and scooped Gold at the 2019 International Cider Challenge! In the much-contested Design & Packaging category, the brand identity for craft cider brand Pulpt nabbed Gold.

The International Cider Challenge’s design award was created to recognise the diversity and range of packaged products within this dynamic and growing part of the drinks market. The panel of judges assess each product against a set design brief and score them according to initial impact, originality, creativity, innovation and relevance to the target market.

Workbrands worked with co-founders Jim and Al to realise their vision of ‘making people as passionate about cider as we are.’

We had such a blast working with Pulpt to develop their brand, and we’re thrilled for the design to be recognised with Gold at the International Cider Challenge.

Nick Farrar, Director at Workbrands

We’re delighted! The vision for Pulpt was to make people as passionate about cider as we are, and the reception has been better than we could have imagined. We get consistent feedback from consumers and trade customers on how powerful, identifiable and attractive the branding is.

Jim and Al, Pulpt co-founders
Branding Showreel Workbrands: Pulpt

Al and Jim wanted Pulpt to help consumers understand more about what they’re drinking, so Workbrands conceived animated flavour wheels to visualise the characteristics of each cider variant.

Workbrands set out to excite a new audience of more experimental consumers. Ones that are interested in a variety of flavours, much like wine. Creating a buzz around the science behind the cider making process and the individual characteristics that this creates was key across all our communications.

The UK is producing some really cool-looking cider brands that are standing up well amongst the more established craft beers on the market. Expect to see a lot more cider brands vying for your attention in the not so distant future; it’s moved on a lot since the days of Natch!

Simon Tandy, Designer at Workbrands


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