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January, 2018

Hello 2018

All of our successes last year came from the creative, eclectic minds of our team. So, as 2018 kicks off, let’s find out the best bits: what inspired and made the Workbrands team tick in 2017?


Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street

Kayleigh: McCann‘s The Fearless Girl, forged then positioned on Wall Street the day before International Women’s Day, continued the story of an already iconic statue while keeping the concept simple and subtle: strength, defiance, power.


Tom: Sagmeister introduced The Happy Film at a WEDF Arnolfini talk, and I was blown away by both his experiment and heartfelt honesty. I drew similarities in the way he perceived himself fitting into the world around him and, having watched it twice more since, continue to take inspiration from it.


A post shared by Wei Kee (@mykeetchen) on

Wei: #TheGreatKeetchenChallenge has been a series of self-set challenges where I learn new kitchen skills, use mystery ingredients via Westie (bf / ingredient sherpa), and concoct beautiful, delicious plates – find the recipe on the Instagram post!


Andrew: Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond, a Netflix documentary about Man on the Moon, was an insight into the dedication it takes to produce something genuinely representative. Carrey perfectly depicts the eccentricities and enigma that was Kaufman, unpicking the dichotomy between the known and unknown.


football shirt

Josh: The Art of the Football Shirta Jacket Required exhibition in collaboration with Neal Heard, looked at the relationship between design, fashion and the beautiful game, showcasing a selection of iconic football shirts. There were some absolute beauties on show – the West Germany ’90-‘92 home shirt is a classic and personal favourite.


Dan: I was the digital content, social media and audience outreach lead for the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, where 500 Years (a personal favourite) put a spotlight on just how long atrocities can go unaddressed and unpunished when power remains unchallenged. I sorted a post-screening drink and chat with Andrea, the lead Guatemalan activist, too, by promising a trip to Bowie’s Brixton memorial!


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Chelle: After my beginner course earlier in the year, I recently took the 10-week intermediate screen printing course at Spike Island, where the tutors encouraged me to let go of my usual illustration style and experiment with new techniques.


Steve: While the boxset scene is old news to most, I’ve found balance and evening continuity with them – post-child duties, of course. By starting (with slight trepidation) Prison Break, there’s no more aimless scrolling through inane satellite channels: it’s how I want it, when I want it, if I want it, forever.


Lewis: My animation led this year’s Workbrands Christmas campaign. As an intern, it was great to develop from my previous work, work with some new 4D tech, and have my ideas featured so prominently with the team.


We hope you had an awesome, creative and fun 2017, and, with love from the Workbrands team, we hope you have an even better 2018.