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October, 2015

Andrews Property Group – Streets ahead of the rest

Sector: Property

Scope: Brand management


  • Streamline the production of marketing materials without compromising on quality
  • Empower individual branches to produce their own sales materials with minimal fuss
  • Reduce overall costs and time-to-market

What we did:
With over 80 branches nationwide, and numerous sales and lettings dealt with daily, Andrews produces a high volume of collateral including window cards, area-specific brochures, sales/letting guides and mailers. These were previously updated by individual branches, a very time-consuming process resulting in multiple and inconsistent versions across the business.

Working closely with Andrews’ marketing team, we quickly established their core requirements: cost effectiveness, ease of use, time-to-market and quality of the finished product. We created a bespoke solution using our brand management software, Flex, enabling each of Andrews’ branches to access and edit brand-locked templates. The result is a user-friendly marketing portal providing easy-to-use, template driven marketing materials that are regularly updated to reflect current campaigns.

Following successful implementation of Flex, including induction training across all branches, Andrews’ employees can now access the most up-to-date materials without compromising the brand. All orders are fulfilled within 48 hours.

Flex has provided us with a number of key benefits over our previous systems – it is so much easier to use and from a marketing point of view the time to market and cost savings on print have made a real impact on our effectiveness.

Ronda Green, Marketing Director, Andrews Property Group

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