Reaping the rewards of a cohesive brand

With rapid technological advances and next generation farmers taking over the reins, the farming industry has made the shift from the traditional to a progressive landscape.

Openfield, one of the UK’s most successful grain cooperatives, was looking to refresh their brand to stay relevant and connect with an increasingly younger audience.

A brand audit revealed that the Openfield logo and primary colour – a distinctive orange – carried strong association and should be retained for brand equity purposes.

We introduced a complementary secondary palette and addressed the challenge of a consistent roll out by putting together a comprehensive set of brand guidelines.

Once the new brand elements were in place, we produced a suite of materials to promote Openfield’s services. This included membership and corporate brochures, on- and off-line advertising, an information portal for traders, staff and farmers as well as an integrated grain marketing campaign with a bespoke animation and website.

Face-to-face feedback from farmers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Openfield logo on printed collateral Agricultural vehicles working at dawn Someone holding a freshly baked loaf of bread
A spread from the brand guidelines for Openfield
Openfield corporate brochure cover

Workbrands has understood our complex products and business with ease. Each project is met with a fresh, creative and innovative approach. Our whole business is now engaged and excited about marketing again. We're gaining an edge over our competition!

Becky Jeremy, Marketing Communications Executive, Openfield