Tight briefs – Easter egg-stravaganza

March 23, 2016 - Posted by Rachael Britton

Easter is an egg-cellent excuse to go on a creative egg decorating binge (and to crack out some egg puns) so this week’s tight brief was to decorate an egg in less than two hours. Nick brought in the necessary craft materials and one of our meeting rooms was quickly turned into a makeshift egg decoration station.

Whilst keeping a close eye on the competition, not one of us went for the classic dye technique but instead thought outside the box. The result was a wide variety of creations that would leave even the Easter Bunny himself a bit shell-shocked!

Steve channelled his love for music through his “Eggvis Presley” creation, whilst Tom went all egg-splosive and named his rocket the “AARD boiled egg”. Nick choose a frog for inspiration, or “Fregg” as it’s aptly named. Bobby’s “Bad Egg” features MJ’s hair made out of very hot glue. Another closet glue gun artist, Emma, cleverly used the hot stuff to make her “Spider Egg” web.

Bowie tribute, “Zeggy Stardust”, was Chelle’s contrivance, and Motts was responsible for “EggTales”. Wei went for a sequin covered representation of good and evil, Darren planted some Easter Bunny delights into soil made out of crumbled digestives, and I decided to turn an egg into the cockpit of an “Eggbeater”.

But in the end, it was the “Psychot-Egg” that was crowned as this week’s winner, giving Si his third win since the start of tight briefs. Well done Si!

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Egg decorated as a frog Egg decorated as Spider Man Egg decorated as Donald Duck Egg decorated as a carrot Egg decorated as psycho
Egg decorated as Elvis Egg decorated as a rocket Egg decorated as Michael Jackson
Egg decorated as Ziggy Stardust Eggs decorated as good and evil Egg decorated as a helicopter

Easter is an egg-cellent excuse to go on a creative egg decorating binge so this week's tight brief was to decorate an egg in less than two hours.